• 2023年3月18日








Judgment Finalized in Court Case Concerning Mie Hamada, General Manager of the Academy

We are pleased to announce that the judgment has been finalized regarding the lawsuit filed by Nobunari Oda in the Osaka District Court.

During the more than three years of the lawsuit, we have caused concern to many people, including those involved in the figure skating industry, due to the factually incorrect news reports related to the case and slanderous remarks on the Internet and social media.

In the three years since Kinoshita Academy was established, under the leadership of General Manager Hamada, our academy students have made significant progress to the point where they can compete on the world stage.

This is a result of the efforts of General Manager Hamada, who has always been there for the athletes, thinking of them more than anyone else at all times.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have supported our academy.

Kinoshita Academy will continue to contribute to developing athletes who will go on to the world stage and further growth of the figure skating world.